Support Groups

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LEAP (Learning and Educational Advocacy Program) is a parent-run group that serves as an excellent point of contact for parents in need of support, referrals and information concerning their children’s special concerns including (but not exclusive to ): learning difficulties; developmental delays; sensory integration difficulties; attention difficulties; and, autistic spectrum disorder. The LEAP Mentoring System & Point of Contact: Aims to link parents with similar needs or experiences when one parent has questions, needs, or doubts about interventions, professionals, schools etc., so direct discussions can take place with the permission of both parties. Also assists new families to the city with Qs about services in BKK. LEAP Seminars & Workshops: 3-4 per academic year varying in venues and formats which include: roundtable discussions; speaker presentations, DVDs with discussion. LEAP Parent Coffee Mornings: appx 1 every 2 months to bring parents together in a very informal way to share stories, experiences, contacts and to generally connect with one another and provide support.